Friday, May 19, 2006

This weeks spinning!

Drag Queen. 68 yards of a mix of everything! I bought the roving at MDSW from puckerbrush farms. It was labeled "Party in a box" I opened the bag to show hubby and he informed me that it looked like a drag queen. THis may become the only scarf I can see myself wearing.

As yet unnamed, but my first skein over 100yds!!!! Woot! Brown sheep mill ends dyed with wilton.

Tequila Sunrise Mill ends dyed with Wilton

Polar express. This is spun from some roving I picked up at Limerick Fibers in Gordonsville. It's called "beast" and is aptly named. It's pretty rough, and have lots of vegetable matter, but it makes a lovely rustic skein.

Canyonlands. Unfortunately the camera didn't pick up the lovely orangey hues that remind me of canyonlands at sunset. again, mill ends with wilton dye.


Secret Pal 8 said...

Drag Queen is my favorite! I love her (him)!

Rebecca said...

hehe! Thanks. I aimagine that this Drag queen would be named either "Crystal Chandelier" or "Ivana Martini"!