Thursday, May 11, 2006

This is why you don't give men gas powered tools

This would be the elbow from the pipe on our sump pump. Hubby demolished it while tilling the backyard to put in grass seed. Last night we had our own water garden in the backyard with the pump creating a lovely fountain of brown water every 2 minutes. Hubby tried to convince me that the break had become a "design feature" in the yard.

I don't think so.

This ended in a late night trip to Lowes to buy a new elbow for the pipe. Oddly enough, this ended in a yarn related situation. I conned hubby into buying a hunk of PVC and joiner bits to make me a niddy noddy.

HA! I love turning hardware store trips into fiber related trips.

These are pictures of my strawberry and roma tomato plants. I planted the strawberries myself. While this may not seem like much of a feat to most people. Anyone who knows me knows about my black thumb. I can kill anything green. I've killed cactus, lucky bamboo, assorted houseplants, garden plants and I could probably lay waste to entire fields of silk floral arrangements just by my proximity.

I've made a resolution to change this. We know have a garden at our house, one at my mom's and flowers in the front yard. THEY WILL NOT DIE DAMMIT!!!!! Even if I have to sacrifice my first-born (or God-Forbid, my yarn) to make them live, I will do it! I WILL HAVE FRESH VEGGIES THIS YEAR!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


Gratuitous fiber shot. I spun this last night while enjoying the sounds of Old Faithful in the backyard. It's a wool/silk/mohair blend that I got as a bonus when I bought roving from Carol at the Sheep Shed Studio. I love getting roving for so cheap to play with. And I don't feel as bad when I ruin this with my abysmal spinning skills. So far I have 67 yards of it, and I still have a little bit more left to spin. Hubby says that it should be a hat for him. We'll see about that.

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