Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yarn Heaven!

Mom and I ventured out to Warrenton today for a pre wool festival fiber fix. We went to My Favorite Yarn.

OMG! Tons of great yarn and fiber at decent prices. Lots of sales and they carried fiber, looms and spinning wheels in addition to yarn! I helped myself to a skein of Louet kid mohair for $5! I also got some dyed locks and yarn bras. I had to put a rein on myself so I'd still have money for the festival. They even sold handspun. Their own store brand in plain white worsted was only $5 for 180 yds! They even had the spinning wheel that I want on sale. It's too bad they are an hour away. Perhaps I should be more loyal to my own LYS, but I WISH my yarn shop had sales this good and fiber to boot.

Mom picked up a small lap loom to play with, and I'm trying to convince her that I need a wheel so that I can spin yarn for her to weave. It hasn't worked so far, but let's hope for the best come birthday time. :D

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