Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Destash time at Casa de Frou

Help me destash myself and save up for a spinning wheel! All Yarns are now for sale on eBay.

Destash Sale!

4 balls Bernat BlingBling in sassy Sparkle (blue, pink, green and purple)

2 balls Crystal Palace deco ribbon 1 in black and white stripes, one in navy.

8 balls Moda Dea Fur-Ever 4 in blue and 4 in lime.

6 balls Moda Dea ChiChi in sahara

12 balls Moda Dea Kickx 2 in Fever, 4 in Amazing, 6 in Lucky

3 balls Pierre Cardin 21 (bulky Boule 100% wool) 2 in maroon, 1 in green.

3 1/2 skeins Red Heart Grape Ivy

3 skeins Lion Brand Homespun 2 in Edwardian, one in Corinthian.


Jade said...

Did you get my message regarding the Noro Silk Garden? If I still don't hear from you, I will send it to the 2nd person who inquired about it.


ncgrrl said...

I'd love to buy some of the moda Dea Ticker Tape in Sunset. I need only 1 skein to finish a project, but if you're selling at $3.00 each, I'd buy them all. My zip code is 27215 if that helps to estimate shipping.

ncgrrl said...

Thanks Rebecca! Can't wait to get the Ticker Tape, so I can finish my project. Your "Destash" is my finished product. :-)


Rebecca said...

Tnaks for helping me serve my out of control fiber addiction by selling yarn to buy yet more yarn or yarn making supplies. :) It's on it's way to you!

only_flower70 said...

Hello - not sure what I'm doing - but I would LOVE to buy the Red Heart Grape-Ivy - let me know how much. Thanks