Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Gods are mocking me

The windows in my house are supposed to be replaced tomorrow for an impending sale now that the old flks are retiring. I spent the evening removing blinds and moving furniture.

Naturally, we are supposed to get thunderstorms all day tomorrow.

This means the window replacement will be rescheduled for who knows when.

The obvious question:

Start changing in the bathroom, or expose my entire neighborhood to the horror that is my incredibly pale and voluminous behind???

Sidenote: After taking stash pics for the FYS, I found more yarn. About 16 skeins more. I may need help.


KnittingNutter said...

Ohm, the mind boggles... I say, let them see the behind. And, a knitter without a stash is no real knitter (in my book).

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Hi Frou,

I found your blog on Knitty's forums. You might need an intervention with all that yarn you have. Then again, I might need an intervention as well!

Nice to meet you!