Saturday, June 24, 2006

Better late then never

Let's start this little entry with some chickens:

This is (clockwise from top) Barbecue, Swiss Chalet, and omelet. There are 4 chickens, but the 4th Wiley, whom hubby has claimed as his, was rather recalcitrant about the photo shoot. Come to think of it, she is recalcitrant about everything. If there were to be a chicken revolt, she'd be at the forefront waving a banner for chicken freedom and first arrest and dragged off in leg irons (chickens not having hands for handcuffs, of course) for trying to poop on the feet of the riot control police. Wiley and I don't get on well.

As for being better late than never. I believe I mentioned in my last post that hubby would be going back to work for the group home. He has, and not only did he go back, he went back at a raise and as the case manager. He also went back in the middle of a huge restructuring. and a move. They moved the home to a farm. (They plan to keep goats. Give me time, and I will whisper in the directors ear enough and they will make that angora goats, it will only be a matter of time before I convince them of the sheep and alpacas too!) Unfortunately for him and I , it also meant that he did not have a single day off from the time he started until this past Thursday. It also meant that for me, during the busiest time we have at work, that I have not only been putting in overtime, But upon my return home, I've been trying to hold together the house. To sum it up, it's been exhaustion city lately. No excuse, I admit, but it is the reason.

So now that the explanations are over, let's do some gratuitous fiber shots.

First lovely shot Is the beautiful knitting journal I received for my birthday from my Secret Pal. It came with some awesome designer chocolate, and unfortunately it was a bit melty when I received it, so I firmed it up, and It didn't even make it to picture taking time. It was delicious though, I can assure you. She really is the sweetest, She also recently sent me a lovely postcard saying hi that I keep with me in my ever-present novel that I carry with me for times when I'm idle and don't want to knit. Thank you again Secret pal, you really are the best, and thanks for your patience with the blog of emptiness for the last month.

Next up are the treats that my mom brought me back from Washington. She went out for my Uncle's wedding and stayed for two weeks. I have to say, she is getting better at choosing yarns for me. They are all lovely, but eventually I will break her of the novelty yarn habit, there were, however, two lovely chocolate brown skeins of cascade 220. They Kona Bay is nifty too, very soft. I never even knew they made yarns. I've lusted after their asian print quilting fabrics for years though. I'll have to find something neat to make with them. Maybe use them as trim for a couple cardigans?

Finally, a sample of the roving that I hand dyed for my secret pal. She just got herself a spindle and I love to enable people, so after a quick and dirty questioning, she should be receiving 3 balls of hand dyed roving in blue and berry colors for her spinning enjoyment.

Whew. Well it's time to get back to playing catch-up on the house, and still manage to get in a bit of time in the craft room.

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Gracie said...

I love the chickens! You can teach them how to knit like Babs from Chicken Run. I bet you can convince them to get some alpaca goats and such, esp if you volunteer to help with the clients.