Saturday, September 09, 2006


This morning was the most gorgeous saturday that there's been for a while. Cool, sunny, and the kids and I were heading out for a fun day with our friend Beth. We stopped at the local farmers market for a treat and veggies for Hubby's birthday dinner tomorrow night and treats from Valentines Country Bakery, a local Mennonite bakery. Then off to Orange to meet Beth. The Orange Street Festival was today.

This thing was HUGE. It's a small town, and I didn't expect much but the whole thing snaked off onto side streets and was a good 8 blocks or so of vendors and local businesses. Even a few yard sales! The highlight was definitely the Alpaca Garden booth. They are local breeders and the had two of their adorable babies with them. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera this morning, or I would have pictures of them. They also brought fiber with them. I picked up 4.5 ounces of Devi's fluff. She is a new girl at the farm and her picture isn't on the website yet, but it is the lovliest cinnamon color with these gorgeous striations of silver.

Once we were done at the fair, we went back to Beth's and piled into my car to head to Harrisonburg to visit a few other farmers markets, one of which carries tons of fiber and yarn. That's when This happened.

We came around a blind curve in the road and went right into the back of that poor sidekick that was dead stopped in the road. I tried to brake, but I just couldn't stop in time. Luckily everyone seems to be ok for the most part. Unluckily, the DMV decided, rather arbitrarily that I didn't have insurance, when I do, in fact carry insurance. (I work for the Insurance company!! I am required to have insurance!) They suspended my license and failed to inform me, so there we were stuck, no car, no license. That's when the people from Blue Ridge Pottery found us. The accident happened right in front of their shop, and the boy in the car I hit works there. I have never met nicer people in my life. They took the kids into the shop to calm them down, brought us drinks and truffles. Made sure we were all okay. Helped us exchange info. Let us use the phone to make multiple panicked calls. Got pictures and were kind enough to burn a cd with the images for me. Then they let us hang out on their front porch in the cool breeze to calm down until my parents came out to get us, we were invited in to the shop, but I figured I'd just end up breaking something since the nerves finally kicked in. On top of it all, their pottery is absolutely gorgeous. While the Adrenaline was still running high, I bought hubby a lovely piece for his birthday. It's all wrapped up though, so I will get pictures of that later.

Come monday though, it 's going to be a fun day of sitting at the DMV getting this drivers license business handled then getting out to get a rental car. I'm hoping against hope that the Jeep can be fixed, but the airbags deployed, so who knows.

It's now time to go eat ice cream and knit and try not to think what a mess this all is. A few hours of denial will be good for my soul.

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